Sunday, January 31, 2010

CyberTracker releases a sample database for Disaster Relief Rapid Surveying

Cape Town, South Africa. A sample database for Disaster Relief can be downloaded and modified for specific relief efforts from the CyberTracker Conservation website
The CyberTracker software can be installed on GPS-enabled Windows Mobile smartphones.

This may help to gather crucial data required to co-ordinate disaster relief logistics.
One of the critical problems in disaster relief management is the lack of reliable data on basic needs on the ground after a major natural disaster. Disaster relief efforts must overcome serious logistical problems due to poor communication and unreliable information. Gathering good quality data on the ground will make it possible to make informed decisions on where the highest priorities are.

Better information on quantities of relief supplies needed, such as medicines, food, blankets, shelter and clothing will ensure that resources are used more efficiently where they are needed most.

Source: Louis Liebenberg, CyberTracker Conservation

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