Friday, December 10, 2010

Groundbreaking Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication Training Kit launched

The first ever training kit for Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication was launched today after weeks of excited pre-ordering online. Co-published by CTA and IFAD, this training kit is a unique product that can be tailored to meet the learning needs of the individual, group or organisation.

‘This is a hugely exciting training tool for the development sector,’ commented Giacomo Rambaldi, Senior Programme Coordinator at CTA. ‘It means that employees can now get the best available training tailored to meet their individual needs.’

The training kit comprises 15 modules, each presented through a series of units. They cover the entire spectrum of good developmental practice. The modules deal with topics such as fundamentals of training, ethics and community groundwork and processes as well as the more technical low-, mid- and high-tech participatory mapping methods.

The Training Kit is featured on the CTA Publications catalogue. Available in English and Spanish, it is aimed at technology intermediaries working in multidisciplinary teams, and for those required to deliver training on the practice or facilitate the process in the field.

The benefits of this type of mapping are numerous. Mapmaking is considered as a step in a broader process resulting in community empowerment by adding value and authority to local spatial knowledge. The process leading to the production of maps is in fact more important than the outputs themselves, as knowledge holders learn by doing. The practice is motivating and often leads to stronger identity and cohesion among community members. Moreover, maps are a powerful and convincing medium which can be used to effectively convey local concerns and aspirations to decision- and policy makers.

This project is another example of CTA’s dedication to empowering rural communities through knowledge. The success of the training kit also demonstrates the benefits CTA enjoys through working with partners such as IFAD to deliver high quality information to a wider audience.

If you are interested in getting a copy of the Training Kit you may send an e-mail to Murielle Vandreck adding PGIS-TK (English / Spanish) to the e-mail subject line.

Online versions: coming soon
DVD versions: CTA online catalogue

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