Monday, August 05, 2013

The Future of PGIS: Learning from Practice? Symposium held at ITC-University of Twente, Netherlands on 26 June 2013

On Wednesday 26 June, 2013 the research group “People, Land and Urban Systems (PLUS)” of the University of Twente organized a full day international meeting on the topic of Participatory Mapping and Participatory GIS (PGIS/PPGIS). The day consisted in a public symposium entitled “PGIS: a toolbox transformed to a practice”, and an Expert meeting to discuss: “PGIS – what next? Preserving the practice in the Geoweb”.

The purpose of the symposium was to reflect on the milestones that PGIS has passed in the last decade bringing it from a mere collection of tools toward a pervasive practice. The expert meeting has been organised to discuss future directions, opportunities and threats for PGIS particularly in light of the growing importance of the Geoweb in spatial information collection and dissemination.

Below are the presentations delivered during the syposium:

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