Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ogieks will not be evicted from the Mau forest

As reported by NTVKenya on October 24, 2009 , it is emerging that members of the Ogiek indigenous community will not be affected by the eviction notice. the Mau task force committee says the indigenous forest dwellers will not be moved when the evictions start soon. The announcement came as the Prime Minister gunned for more financial support for the Mau in Europe.

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Giacomo Rambaldi said...

Saturday Nation, 21 November 2009 - The Ogiek Friday inched closer to getting a section of Mau Forest Complex after the government was directed to respond to a suit filed by the community more than a decade ago.

Justice Jean Gacheche directed the Attorney General to respond to the suit filed by 22 people on behalf of 5,000 others in 1997. If the response will not have been made by March next year, Justice Gacheche warned that judgment will be entered in favour of the community.