Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Making Rangelands Secure - First issue of the Bulletin published

In 2010 the International Land Coalition (ILC) with partners IFAD, IUCN-WISP, Procasur and RECONCILE established a learning initiative for sharing experience and practice in making rangelands secure for local rangeland users. A number of activities have been developed to enable this process. In February 2012 a learning route took place between Nairobi and Arusha, visiting four host communities and/or organisations who shared their own experience of securing rights to their land and resources, in different land tenure and politicial and/or social contexts. Twenty-four participants joined the learning route from around the world, and in particular from East and Horn of Africa. The learning route is being repeated in September 2012, with a large participation from government representatives from Sudan, and in particular Darfur state.

The learning initiative is also working with a number of other partners including Oxfam GB, ILRI, USAID-funded programmes and national governments in the region to further develop and document lessons learnt and influence developing land tenure policies and their implementation. The experiences are being discussed and documented in different forums and through a range of publications. The Making Rangelands Secure Bulletin is one such publication, that provides up-to-date information and news on important and relevant issues, processes and activities taking place in order to better secure rights to rangelands.

Articles provide discussion and information on village land use planning in Tanzania; shared experiences on securing of livestock corridors in West Africa and Sudan; implications of Kenya's Constitution on rangelands; the securing of rights for hunter-gatherers in Tanzania; the development of policy and legislation related to rangelands in Uganda; as well as news from members and partners of the learning initiative.

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