Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mandingalbay Yidinji Traditional Owners mapped their lands in 3 dimensions - Don't miss their feedback at the World Park Congress in Sydney

Australian aboriginal Mandingalbay Yidinjii people have recently completed a P3DM exercise within the ancestral territories (traditional country) in Queensland.

They will showcase their work and replicate the population of one section of their 3D model during the World Parks Congress in Sydney They will do this at the WIN and Pacific Community Dialogue Pavilion (Pavilion 2) on 13-15 November. You should pass by and talk to them about their exciting experience.

On Monday, 17 November 8:30 – 12:00 they will officially present their achievements at the WIN & Pacific Community Dialogue Pavilion (Pavilion 2) during the session “Voices and choices: The risks and values of georeferencing traditional and local knowledge”. This session is organised by CTA with support provided by IUCN, UNDP, GEF-SGP and the WTMA.

More on this activity and related events at the Worls Parks Congress is found on this flyer.

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