Saturday, May 21, 2016

The network of NGOs known as BIMTT deploys participatory 3D modelling within its operations in Madagascar

Itasy is the smallest region of Madagascar and is characterised by a high agricultural potential. Nonetheless productivity is challenged by poor communication and limited market outlets and lack of land tenure security.

Close to 90% of the population of this region depends on agriculture. Production systems are diverse due to areas characterized by very high population densities (areas predominantly alluvial and volcanic soils) or by low quality soils (Central, West). Out-migration is high.

The regional plan for development highlights the need for investing in agriculture and related rural livelihoods, communication infrastructure and the establishment effective local administrations.

In order to contribute to improving sustainable resource management in selected villages, FAFAFI / SPAnta, both members of BIMTT (a network of rural trainers within the Christian Churches in Madagascar), has developed a programme focused on strengthening farmers, promoting local initiatives and the collaboration with the local authorities. The initiative is is inclusive and centred on practicing Participatory 3D Modelling (P3DM). P3DM is used to involve all local actors in the process from the documenting and geo-locating socio-economic and environmental realities on the 3D map, to plan future development. As a whole the initiative is aimed at supporting farmers, community based organisations and local authorities acquire skills in adopting the 'theory of change', participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation. 3D mapping at village level has proven to engage and excite  participants, increasing their initiative and commitment in engaging in activities which would benefit the entire community.

As of March 2016 a total of three villages have completed their 3D models. These include Antalata Vaovao and Faliarivo villages in Ampefy Commune, and Marosoka village in Analavory Commune.

The 3D models have been used to develop community-based village development plans.

FAFAFI/SPAnta in collaboration with the General Secretary of BIMTT plan to replicate the P3DM process in all villages benefitting from FAFAFI/SPAnta support in the Itasy region.

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