Friday, April 01, 2011

Building critical awareness of cultural mapping: a workshop facilitation guide

This Facilitation Guide is part of UNESCO's efforts to raise awareness of the opportunities and risks of cultural mapping, which is increasingly used in development work, including by UNESCO, Cultural mapping, if applied respectfully, can be an effective tool for exploring the spatial and territorial aspects of a community's cultural resources and for making the link between memory, imagination, land and maps.

The Guide builds on the experience of a pilot workshop entitled "Cultural Mapping and its Possible Uses for Indigenous/Local Communities" organized by the Division for Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue at UNESCO, Paris, from 15 to 16 November 2006. It was held within the framework of the indigenous fellowship programme1 and brought together visiting fellows staff from across UNESCO Sectors and interested members of the public, including anthropologists and human rights activists. The workshop explored the opportunities and risks of cultural mapping in protecting and promoting the rights, cultures and aspirations of indigenous and local communities in the larger context of sustainable development.

This Guide aims to go beyond the circle of people who benefited from the workshop and reach out to others who wish to reflect upon and engage in the practice of cultural mapping both critically and constructively. It addresses two types of audiences: (i) representatives of indigenous/local communities involved in protecting and promoting their rights, cultures and aspirations, and (ii) individuals and groups with responsibility in programming and planning for sustainable development.

UNESCO, CLT.2009/WS/14

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